Commanders Log

Commanders Log

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Fast is fine, but accurate is final. The trick is learning to take your time when you’re in a hurry.” – W. Earp

AAR Report – P-Hill

It was a mighty wind. And while there will be some of us who will never be able to watch the ‘Wizard of Oz” again without rolling up into a whimpering little ball, thankfully none of us suffered any severe physical injuries. Campers can and will be replaced, but the uniqueness of the Guards cannot!  The one bright spot is the amount of good stories / tall tales/lies that were generated by this near disastrous meteorological event will enliven our campfires for years to come.

As for the skirmish, even without the severe weather it was a very strange weekend. Smoothie only on Saturday, and carbine and musket match [all at 50 yards] on Sunday. We did well with our musket companies garnering first A/B.

And while our B carbine finished first, the A shot its way to a third place finish [second in the region]. For those of us who struggled a bit, forget it. We have bigger fish to fry. And for those who shot well….remember your success [and sight pictures] and roll on!

I have been asked to pass along the thanks of the 110th for the donation we gave them on Sunday in support of their skirmish. I really do look for them to move their date away from April / May at the Pleasant Hill range. History has proven that the seasonal weather conditions are just too much of a factor at that time of year to host a successful event.

Spring Nationals

Here is what we have numbers wise participating at the upcoming Nationals:

  • 15 carbines
  • 15 muskets
  • 11 smoothbores
  • 3 single shots

I have the needed musket, smoothbore and single shot shooters picked up. And I am working on the B carbine company pickup this week.

For a list of the Guards who are making the trip east, check out the member’s only section of our website.

If you have changed your plans, and are not attending the Nationals please let Ernie or I know ASAP!

We will have our team meeting on Saturday, May 22nd, immediately following the Single Shot match.

As discussed at P-Hill we will be having “Got Meat, You Eat” on Saturday. Bring your hamburgers etc, a side dish and your own setups and we will cook for you. We will light the grills and eat in time to attend the awards ceremony to pickup our carbine, smoothbore and single shot medals.

During the Nationals I plan on getting the following targeting to come back to Ohio for our skirmish:

  • 20 cases of birds
  • 2 boxes of wire
  • 2 rolls of pigeon clips
  • paper targets – whatever Mike Simpson thinks we will need for the skirmish.

I will try and have the targeting back to the campsite before Wednesday.

Lonzo and I will try to bring back the bulk of the above, but we might need some help. Ernie you can haul the clips in your little midget car.

See the links below for National skirmish info.

VFW Color Guard

We will have a color guard in the Pleasant Hill Memorial Day parade to be held on Monday May 31st.  We will need to meet at the Newton High School in Pleasant hill at 0930. Right now we have Robey, Spaugy, Simpson and Hathaway attending and I sure would like to have some more Guards show up. After the parade the participants will be invited back to our house to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the birthing of Doris and Leonard Robey’s baby boy. And yes, if you wish to come to the celebration without marching with the real men of the Guards, why that’s fine too. Just let me know.

Midwest Regional and the Guards Skirmish

We will be hosting 2 skirmishes this summer. Lonzo is the director for the Midwest regional skirmish to be held at Centerburg July 23 to the 25th. And I will be the director for our skirmish to be held at Pleasant Hill August 27th to the 29th.

For the Centerburg skirmish we will be planning to start the target and range prep on Thursday morning July 22nd.  More details on both these skirmishes to follow.

Travel safe, see you in Virginia!!!


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